THE OTHER EUROPEAN TRAVELLERS is a photographic project developed by a selection of european photographers with the support of a group of experts
and reknown artists.

This initiative – supported by EU Cultural Programme – aims to explore through a map of contemporary stories, the experiences of european citizens and their families who, for economic reasons, left their countries of birth to starting a new life in new lands.

TOET focuses on migrations between 1950 and 1980, mainly from south (Spain, Portugal, Greece and southern Italy) to central and northern Europe (France, Germany, UK and Belgium).

TOET aims to recover the memory and the collective imagination of these citizens, key figures in the construction of modern Europe, and also intending to offer an artistic and archival legacy for future generations, using the image as a vehicle for transmitting experiences.

TOET has been conducted by 1 coordinator, 3 co-organisers and a network of european cultural institutions.  Read more



Cobertura Photo. Spain
1000 Words. UK
Atelier de Visu. France
Festival Voci di Foto. Italy
Magnum Photos. France
Kesselskramer Agency. Holland
Oneco Consulting. Spain

Institute Francais. France
Flowers Gallery. UK
Fundación NMAC. Spain
Archive Alinari.Italy
Agencia Contacto.Spain
Centro Português de Fotografia. Portugal
Archivio Fotografico Museo Regionale
dell’Emigrazione Pietro Conti.  Italia
Centro Studi Emigrazione. Italia
Associazione Memoria Immagine.  Italia
Krakow Photo Fringe
BNA-BBOT. Belgium