Christian Caujolle. Lecture 

Christian Caujolle  (France  1953). Former student of the National university of Saint-Cloud, where he attends Foucault,
Barthes and Bourdieu ,  Christian Caujolle was editor-in-chief in charge of photography with Liberation of 1981 to 1986,
date on which he creates the Agency  VU before taking over the artistic director of the Gallery VU. He is the author of
many monographs (Lartigue, Klein, Salgado, Freund, Depardon. Falcon…) and forewords of catalogs, and police chief
of many exposures. With the Actes Sud editions. He directs the collectionsNeither theorist nor photographer,
Christian Caujolle is initially, entire and passionately, a glance on contemporary photography. One of most relevant,
one the most respected of, too. He worked as artistic director of photography festivals in Arles, Rotterdam,
and Madrid.