Originally, the nucleus of this Photo library was the purchase of an archive of photojournalists by the City Hall in 1985, the saga of the Serrano, whose work was published in the local press and in the country , even if to a lesser extent. In the early years, the Photo Library linked the City Newspaper, focused on the acquisition and evaluation of press photography of Seville (archives of ” Gelán ” Sánchez del Pando, Serafín, Cubiles and Vilches). Subsequently, the Photo library has been enriched with a variety of backgrounds that contribute to the conservation of the graphics memory of the city: amateur photographers files, institutional archives -such the one of Alcadía-, thematic (such as the bullfighting of Arjona) personal or private collections. The latest acquisitions (a collection of positive prints about Sevilla, made by various authors and the Caparró archive ), can extend the chronology of funds since the mid-nineteenth century to the present. In short, this is an essential document for Spanish graphic history, which since 2000 is a technical and functional unit within the File Service, Newspaper and Publications. Together with the conservation and description of the photographic background, communication and dissemination of the same are other functions and objectives of the Municipal Photo Library. The program of cultural diffusion has resulted in numerous publications, exhibitions, collaborative projects and visits of educational centers.