Round trip

“7 hours 20 minutes in the morning. From the Renfe train station toilets I have provided myself with this paper. Forgive me, but after all
it´s only paper… and toilet paper. Until now the trip has been very normal, boring and monotonous. No landscapes.
Now I can appreciate in the distance the reflections of the Mediterranean Sea. I think the trip is getting more and more beautiful
the closer I get to Barcelona. Hopefully. I write with the train going on. Anyway, I hope my writing is legible.
The night has been most unbearable. I have hardly been able to sleep.”

So begins my father´s trip to Dortmund (Germany) to get a job in a wood factory in order to be able to afford his university studies.
He would return within some months, but others would not return until thirty years later. Round Trip is the story of other small and big stories,
it is a metahistory after all, it is the photographic testimony of some of the characters of the Andalusian emigration. The story of Antonio,
Carmela, Ricardo, Dolores, Joaquin, Pepa or Rocío. They are short stories that tell us about life, about memory and about how all of them
belong to the same historical moment although their destinies have changed afterwards. These narrations talk about the time, about how migration
is something that repeats cyclically or may fade and disappear with themselves in the return trip.

Ida y vuelta

“7h. 20 min. de la mañana. De los retretes de la Renfe me he provisto este papel. Me lo perdonáis, pero al fin de cuentas es papel… y papel higiénico.
Hasta ahora un viaje muy normal, monótono, aburrido. Nada de paisaje. Ahora se aprecian ya de lejos los reflejos del Mediterráneo.
Creo que hasta Barcelona, el viaje gana en belleza. Esperemos. Escribo con el tren en marcha. De todos modos,
espero que la letra sea legible. La noche ha resultado de lo más insoportable. Apenas he pegado un ojo.”

Así empieza el viaje de ida de mi padre a Dortmund(Alemania) para trabajar en una fábrica de madera y poder costearse la carrera.
Él volvería a los meses, pero otros no retornarían hasta los treinta años. Ida y Vuelta es la historia de otras pequeñas y grandes historias,
una metahistoria en definitiva, el testimonio fotográfico de algunos de los protagonistas de la emigración andaluza.
La historia de Antonio, Carmela, Ricardo, Dolores, Joaquín, Pepa o Rocío. Son pequeños relatos que hablan de la vida,
de la memoria, de cómo todos forman parte de un mismo momento pero sus destinos cambian. Hablan del tiempo, de cómo la emigración
puede ser algo cíclico que se repite o que puede esfumarse y desaparecer con ellos mismos en el viaje de vuelta.

Born in 1985 in Seville, Spain. In 2003, she began studying Fine Arts in her home city and completed the degree at La Universidad
Politécnica de Valencia in 2008. In the mean time she was working as a graphic designer, Paula attended a year long photography
course in Seville (2009). Later, she decided to study photography in the School of Art, also in Seville, receiving her academic qualification
in June 2012.
Paula combined her first year in the School of Art with study towards a master’s degree in pedagogy, specialization visual arts.
Her final project, Univitelinos, has been chosen by Cobertura Photo to be exhibited and for continued development.
Paula’s photography is between documentary photography and a more personal and poetic language.