When working on this project, I encountered several emotions inherently bound to the life of migrant worker: isolation
(from not knowing a foreign language and inability to financially afford a full participation in social life); powerlessness
(due to lack of adequate social and political rights); homesickness (desire to be with family and friends); and sexual frustration
(caused by lack of privacy, isolation and absence of loved ones. The migrant workers from the 50’s to 70’s lived torn between periods
of frustration while working abroad, and sequentially periods of joy and a sense of pride when returning home.
These cycles repeated—often for much longer that initially anticipated—until the workers either permanently returned back
to their country or decided to remain abroad. The repetition seemed to run through almost all of aspects of the workers’ lives.
The migrant’s work was often unqualified and as such consisted of a small array of repetitive movements and actions that form
a part of the production process. The repetition had also been manifested in the constant influx of workers as well as their personal stories.
The multitude of individual dreams that form one universal wish – to find happiness through comfort and material security.

The photographs for this project were all taken at the London Brick Factory, largely responsible for the influx of Italian migrant workers to the UK.
While I photographed in this concrete location, my concern wasn’t with this particular factory, nor its individual workers.
I was interested in the archetypal place that would suggest some of the above-mentioned aspects of a migrant worker’s life. Far from comprehensive,
far from touching like for example photographs taken by Jean Mohr in the 70’s, this work is just a footnote to a past that has already
happened and cannot be retold from my current position as a photographer. This said, it doesn’t mean that it cannot
repeat or that it’s not being repeated again and again around the world.



Mientras trabajaba en este proyecto, encontré diferentes emociones inherentemente atadas a la vida de un emigrante: aislamiento
(al no saber el idioma foraneo y carecer de medios económicos para tener vida social); impotencia (por la falta de adecuación social y derechos políticos);
añoranza (por el deseo de estar con familia y amigos); y frustración sexual (por la falta de privacidad y ausencia de seres amados).
Los emigrantes vivieron secuencialmente periodos de frustración mientras trabajaban fuera y periodos de disfrute
y sentido de orgullo cuando volvian a casa. Estos ciclos se repitieron hasta que los trabajadores decidian volver a casa o quedarse definitivamente
fuera de sus lugares de origen.

El trabajo de los emigrantes solia ser no cualificado y consistía en una pequeña selección de acciones y movimientos repetitivos que
formaban parte del proceso de producción. La repetición se manifestaba también en el constante flujo de trabajadores así como
en sus historias personales, la multitud de sueños individuales forma un deseo universal que busca encontrar la felicidad a través del confort
y la seguridad material.

Las fotografías de este proyecto fueron tomadas en la Fabrica de Ladrillos de Londres, en gran parte responsable del flujo de emigrantes italianos
hacia el Reino Unido. Mientras fotografiaba en esta localización, mi interés no se dirigía a la fabrica en particular ni a sus trabajadores.
Me interesaba el lugar arquetípico que me sugeriría algunos de los aspectos antes mencionados respecto a la vida de los emigrantes.

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