The first meeting-workshop of TOET  was led in Seville by Magnum Photographer Patrick Zachmann.
Emily Adams, director of exhibitions PhotoEspaña, gave a lecture and a portfolio review for participants.
The meeting finished with a visit to the exhibition of Agnes Varda in the CAAC (Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo)

“There are different kind of workshops and, I have to say that I like them all, for different reasons. I use to say to my students (or photographers) that what they will learn the most, I guess, won’t be from the shootings, which are always, somehow, frustrating because of the short time we have to deal with, but from what we’ll be said, shown, discussed, criticized. It has been true for this workshop as well, even though some have been doing very well.But what is different in that one,from the others is the fact that the group of twelve photographers chosen by Cobertura in Seville, Atelier de Visu in Marseille and 1000 words in London, among 250 appliance were composed by almost only professionals (very few were “amateurs” but with a high quality level) and by the fact that they will have a lot of time to make their photographic project.

It won’t be “just” a four or five days Masterclass. It will be a long term workshop and project. With a very precise theme, on migrants coming from south Europe between the 1950 to the 80th.They will have two others meetings and Masterclass with two other photographers and so, their work in progress will be followed up. That makes a big difference and these guys and girls are lucky! But I was very lucky too to have the chance to be the first one to meet them, trying to guide them, advising them, criticizing their images and evaluating their specific projects.

I appreciated each personality, already built or in progress, every personal world, vision and for some, obsessions, hesitations.It’s fasciainating to see how visual identities are on construction. But I think, what I appreciated the most, has been on a human level.This group has and will work very well as a group. I liked the way they were not in competition one to another but, on the contrary, tried to help each other. We could see already some friendships to be born. This is so important in photography which is dealing with human being!

Thank you to you, guys and to the organizers who have impulsed this positive energy.
Go luck, good work and continuation in this great project.”

Patrick Zachmann