THE OTHER EUROPEAN TRAVELLERS is an photographic project that brings young european photographers together with experts and established photographers. 

This initiative aims to explore through a story map, the transformations in the lives and environments of European families, which for
economic reasons left their origin countries, starting a new life in other european countries.

The project focuses on migrations developed between 1950 and 1980 and explores the evolution of their protagonists to the present as well as the circunstances leading to these events.

TOET wants to recover the memory and the collective imaginary of these citizens, key figures in the construction of modern Europe, and also become an artistic and archival legacy for future generations, using the image as a vehicle for transmitting experiences.

This initiative, supported by 3 co-organizers and a network of European cultural operators, will be headed by a group of 12 photographers sponsored by a group of 12 experts (photographers, curators, editors …) from different European countries.