Born in Antikyra (in the peripheral unit of Boeotia, Greece) in 1952, in a wealthy family, Elisabeth Gharakios came to France in 1970 to study the French language. These are the years of Dictatorship of the Colonels (1967-1974). Elisabeth was hosted by his uncle Charkios Skevos in Port-de-Bouc, where since early last century, there is strong presence of immigrants coming from Greece. Elisabeth decided to stay in France, where, as she told me in one of our interviews, women enjoyed greater freedom than in Greece. Shortly after her arrival, she worked in a French factory producing aluminum. In 1972, Elisabeth married Jean-Claude Isoardo. The couple had two daughters, now residing in Greece. Elisabeth has a house in Antikyra; she uses to spend summer holidays there every year. As many other immigrants of Greek origin in Port-de-Bouc, Elisabeth assiduously participates in activities linked to their country of origin, either by going to the Orthodox Church of St. Catherine, or attending courses of traditional Greek dances.